Buteyko Breathing Testimonial

By Mandi Solk

I have loved every moment of my Buteyko training and I know that I will be doing it for the rest of my life because I have already had amazing benefits and I've only been doing it a few months. I find it difficult to list them in any particular order since to me they're all as important as each other, but here goes:

1.) Emotional and mental well-being: I find keeping my mouth closed is a good idea in all situations! And listening, rather than always talking, has been immensely beneficial both to me and everyone else! I feel much calmer and have a deep peace inside and I wake up in the mornings content where as I used to wake up anxious and depressed. It tends to make my daily life like a meditation as I am aware of keeping my mouth closed and breathing through my nose most of the day and this is a very peaceful almost is Zen-like training for me.

2.) I have reaped an amazing benefit that I never even imagined. I have lost and I'm still losing weight. Having more oxygen I feel satisfied inside so I find that I get full much quicker when I am eating as doing Buteyko is a natural appetite-suppressant. I think it must also balance the metabolic rate and the mitochondria as well because I'm also losing weight anyway, even if I've eaten more than I've needed. Everyone is commenting on how much slimmer I'm looking. I never expected this when I embarked on Buteyko training, so this is a wonderful bonus.

3.) If I have any symptoms of asthma from time to time, such as recently when I've had a bad cold, I no longer panic or gasp for breath because I have learned to breathe through my nose so I'm not overextending by sighing and trying to breathe through my mouth.

4.) Because of the marvellous 'Advanced Buteyko App' that Eduard has created, I have found it really easy to commit and stick to doing 5 sessions every day. Sometimes I'd do 6, because I enjoy using the App so much. It makes the Buteyko sessions very easy and fun. I love using it and together with his App and my regular consultations with Eduard, has really stabilised my practice.

I also think the course was excellent and most significantly, to me, affordable, for which I am very grateful. Other Buteyko websites charge a fortune and make the chance to learn this life-changing practice completely out of reach for people like me.

In summary, I am happier, peaceful, more responsive and less reactive. I have more endurance for exercise as I don't get out of breath and gasp for air, and I am steadily and healthily losing weight, so I am delighted, so much so, that I want to share it with others and hope to become and instructor with Eduard in the near future.

Mandi Solk

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary.