Buteyko Breathing Testimonial

By Richard Morden

Advanced Buteyko Breathing Method has strengthened my immune system. This past year there have been many colds and flues in my social circle and I have remained bulletproof and immune.

Doing the breathing sets daily has helped me recover faster after a strenuous gym workout and it makes a huge difference to my performance when I only breathe through the nose.

Teya Skae is very supportive and has excellent knowledge in all aspects of the Buteyko Breathing Method. Her additional knowledge in nutrition is second to none. As a coach myself, I knew how important correct breathing is for our wellbeing and until I learned Buteyko I just did not realise I was hyperventilating in silence and how many people do too.

I've been doing Buteyko for over 14 months now & have become aware of how food, lack of sleep, too much caffeine affect our breathing and cause more hyperventilation. As a result, I have made many changes to improve not only my breathing but my overall health.

Richard Morden
Life Transition Coach

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary.