Buteyko Breathing Testimonial

By Jesper Jensen

I started Advanced Buteyko to get my breathing fixed, after my asthma was getting worse and I finally got a severe asthma attack. I was suffering from hyperventilation and shallow breathing and to manage any exercise I had to take my asthma rescue inhaler upfront and then still was struggling.

Before my asthma got worse I was running marathons and riding road bike and mountain bike along with Krav Maga training 6 - 10 hrs a week. After it got worse, I was barely able to pull through 3 hrs a week of Krav Maga, and a 5k run seemed like a marathon.

Boe got me started with Buteyko in no time and helped me integrate Buteyko into my daily routines. When workdays got long and routines got broken, Boe helped me back on track and kept me motivated. After 14 days I experienced quite an improvement in my breathing and sleeping, I was able to put my asthma rescue inhaler away for workouts and I have had no need for additional asthma medication since. My allergies have improved, and my blood pressure has dropped to the optimal range from pre-hypertensive. At the end of the Advanced course I was more or less back to where i started out prior to my asthma getting worse, and my health is still improving.

Jesper Jensen
System Developer

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