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Drs. Eduard Reuvers

Eduard geeft Buteyko Ademhalingscursussen sinds 2008 en is de hoofdinstructeur van het Advanced Buteyko Institute (ABI).

Eduard Reuvers Advanced Buteyko Breathing

Péter Lakatos

Peter has excelled at sports, movement and martial arts from early childhood and is a high level instructor of a number of well-known training systems.

Peter Lakatos Advanced Buteyko Breathing

Steve Freides, D.M.A.

Steve has been a student of alternative asthma treatments for 15 years and practiced the basic breathing techniques on his own before starting the advanced course with drs. Eduard Reuvers.

Steve Freides Advanced Breathing

Tommy Blom

Tommy started his sport career at the age of 11 with Olympic Handball and has since then been an active practitioner of sports and movement. The practice and benefits of Advanced Buteyko Breathing have impressed Tommy.

Tommy Blom Advanced Buteyko Breathing

Nadav Shoshan

Nadav trains children and teens, law enforcement units and world kick boxing champions in various disciplines. Advanced Buteyko is a great tool to promote physical and mental capabilities, improving health and physical performance.

Nadav Shoshan Advanced Buteyko Breathing

Chris Green

Chris served in the USA marine corps as a K9 handler and Military Police Officer and also worked in civilian law enforcement. He currently runs the Krav Maga and Fitness academy in Beaverton, Oregon.

Chris Green - Advanced Buteyko Breathing

Charan Surdhar

Charan worked in the field of genetics for 13 years. She is now an epigeneticist, working to bring about positive gene expression to help with genetic diseases and offers Buteyko Breathing to assist in this. Charan lives in Birmingham in the UK.

Charan Surdhar - Advanced Buteyko Breathing

Greet Oostvogels

Greet is een therapeut en consultent en heeft een eigen praktijk in Essen (België) waar ze Buteyko Ademhalingcursussen geeft.

Greet Oostvogels - Advanced Buteyko Breathing

Teya Skae

Teya Skae is an Optimal Energy and Performance Coach and a registered kinesiologist with Australian Traditional Medicine Society. She offers Advanced Buteyko courses in Sydney, Australia.

Teya Skae - Advanced Buteyko Breathing

Robert Cabeca

Robert is an educator at heart and has trained thousands of people in various subjects. He has been a student of many health and wellness methodologies for over 25 years and offers Advanced Buteyko Breathing courses in Philadelphia, USA.

Robert Cabeca - Advanced Buteyko Breathing